Wednesday, 20 September 2017


The stitchery for this pouch has been finished ages ago,so time to put the bag together and get it off my sewing bench.

This is a cute design by Helen Stubbings of Hugs & Kisses called  So Tweet.

Hooray i have it finally finished

Another gift for the pressie box.

Hope your day is a good one.
Cheers Shez xx

Monday, 18 September 2017

What a Fun Day

 I got to spend Friday with my good buddies Barb and Anne,we were to catch up for my birthday and to also do some shopping for our trip next month,so they took me to Werribee Plaza,omg its huge and it was a very wet and windy day so we didnt hang around the car park for too long,lol.

 First shop we had a look in was a pop up xmas shop.

 I think Barb was whispering her xmas list to Santa,it was a lovely shop .

 Lol Anne smelling a candle,should i tell her the lid is still on,we cracked up over this and trust me to have caught it on camera,lol,sorry Anne.
My first visit to Daiso,oh boy did we have fun in there,caught Barb playing with a toy,she said she was buying it for the kids at her childcare,lol,hmm yes we know Barb,lol.

 Then we went to the most awesome cake shop,Anne was very excited,lol,these girls crack me up.

 Barb was lovely and shouted us a wonderful Japanese meal for my birthday,the food was amazing,thankyou my friend .

 Got myself some new boots for my trip,they were nearly half price.

 Also got myself a new purse,one where my cards wont fall out and it is RFID protected ,which means my cards cant get scanned while in this.

And how spoilt am i Barb knows me so well ,i take a water bottle to bed with me and also have one sitting on my knee while stitching,so she bought 2 and crochet such pretty covers for them,i was tickled pink with these as my other covers are quite shabby,thankyou so much my friend .

 Then after a big day of shopping (cant believe how quick the time went) we went back to Anne's and had the most delicous orange rough cake,gee it was yummy and while there i spotted these lovely storage bottles for Anne's beads,they looked great sitting next to the old scales.

Well i had the most amazing time with these two sister's as i always do,thankyou girls for an awesome day.

Hope your day is a good one.
Cheers Shez xx

Sunday, 17 September 2017


For FNSI i got another little stitchery started for Leanne Beasley's Ruth's quilt,a fun SAL with the Tuesday Girls for their No Fuss Stitch along

During the week i also got these 3 finished

And the week before i got these finished as well.

So all up i have 8 stitcheries finished now.

To see what the other girls got up to for FNSI,go here and a big thankyou to our hostess Wendy.
Cheers Shez xx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Another Pipkin

I managed to get another Pipkins mouse finished ,i love these colours,another finish for the gift box.

Hope your day is a good one.

Cheers Shez xx

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I managed to get a Pipkin pin cushion made,i found a candle candle holder in the cupboard when i had a cleanout,it just needed a paint to match the pin cushion.
Its a lovely pattern by Leanne Knell of Petal&Patches,called Pipkins Pin Cushion.
Another finish for the pressie box.

Dont forget to signup for FNSI,thankyou Wendy for hosting to signup go here.

Hope your day is a good one.
Cheers Shez xx

Monday, 11 September 2017

Bits & Pieces

 We have been getting lots of kangaroos in the yard lately and while in side i heard this thumping noise and i thought boy whats that,so i went outside and was lucky enough to quickly grab my camera and take pics of 2 young bucks having a boxing match,they sure do make a lot of noise when boxing,lol.

We are also very lucky and have some amazing and pretty birds out our way as well,dont know my birds very well,Fiona might know what these ones are,at a guess i would say Parrots.

I forgot to show you the pretty birthday card that my clever mum made for me,thankyou mum i love it.

This is what i bought when i went shopping with Lynnie at A little Different last week,the middle row of fabrics were only $10 a mt,love a bargan.

I finished this lovely stitchery,which is a cute design by Rosalie Dekker

The pattern is out of Rosie's book called Gift and is called Stitchery Gift Bags,another pressie for the gift box,this was quite quick to make up.

Hope your day is a good one.
cheers Shez xx

Friday, 8 September 2017

Xmas Bunting

I finished stitching the last of my bunting letters,2 lovely patterns by Rosie Dekker,1 is called Merry and the other is called Christmas.

Here they all are,now to finished it off when i get some spare time.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.
Cheers Shez xx